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Horse Association Memberships

We've listed below the riding associations you may need to join in order to compete in horse shows and earn points. Which association you should join depends on which show you plan to enter. If you review the list below and still aren't clear about which association is right for you, ask your Lake Forest Farms trainer.  

For points to be recorded at competitions featuring jumps of 2'6" or more, riders and their horses must be PCHA members. PCHA also requires that the horse's owner register.

If you want to qualify for finals competition in events featuring jumps between 2'6" and 3', join CPHA. 

Joining NORCAL allows riders and owners of horses competing in 3' or higher jumping events to earn points. If your horse is "pre-green," you should also join the NORCAL Hunter Bonus Program. To review these two separate NORCAL applications, click on the "NORCAL" button at left.        

Only members of USEF/USJHA may compete in rated shows. Should you decide to become a member, print out two copies of your membership card. Keep one for yourself and give one to your trainer. Also confirm that your horse is registered with USEF/USJHA under its current owner's name.   

If you wish to qualify for jumps of 2' or more in show finals, join Legis. 

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